Friday, October 14, 2011

Skullgirls Rediscovers the Joy of Glitch-Free Fighting

Sporting beautiful hand-drawn animation (similar but different from the new Ray-Man game) Autumn Games' Skullgirls is old-school 2D fighting, inspired by Marvel vs. Capcom 2. But there's a major difference and that's programming to prevent cheap unlimited combos. It adds a level of challenge to a level of beauty, making this a game to watch when it comes out on XBLA and PSN in early 2012.

Ubiart: The Next Big Style?

Coming out in November, the new Ray-Man game (for all three major platforms) sports a gorgeous hand-drawn style that Ubisoft calls Ubiart. It results in some of the smoothest, most detailed in-game animation seen in modern gaming. The game isn't bad either, with the fast platforming action providing the wow-that's-fun feeling that the original Sonic games had.

Ears-On with Turtle Beach

After doing my best Metal Gear stealth job past security, I had a chance to check out Turtle Beach's new headsets made for Modern Warfare 3. There are four models, starting with the $99 Foxtrot going up to the $299 Delta, which sports rechargeable wireless and 7.1 surround sound. Pulling them on, they are super comfortable, they cut out the outside world well, wthe mic sounds tight and you can download special presets set up specifically by the game's developers.

More Payne

Had a chance to watch some live gameplay from the upcoming Max Payne 3, and from the few shoot-outs I saw, it's going to be a nice step-up for the frachise, with improved weapons handling and some very impressive animation. Being able to dive to get your shot and then having 360 degrees of range from which to shoot while lying on your back looks like brilliant fun.

Enter the Uncanny Valley

I'm not all that excited for the new Tintin movie, but then, creepy realistic animation was never my thing. However I got some time with the new Tintin game coming out in December and it's a fun, traditional platformer, and the look is just right. One of the more amusing elements is the ability to play as Tintin's dog Snowy, and in co-op play, you can both be Snowy. The game will also have 3D enhancements on the PS3 and movement integration for the Kinect and Move.

Something to Look Forward To

This is Marvel's "booth", the biggest ever at the con. It's even better in person.

Didn't They Break Up?

The dance, dance revolution continues with The Black Eyes Peas Experience, the latest artist-focused dancing title from Ubisoft. Based on watching people try it out on the stage at NYCC, the songs and dance moves aren't as iconic as Michael Jackson's were, but perhaps for younger players it will work. It comes out November 9, but unlike other entries in this area, this one is only for Kinect. Per-orders at the show earn a poster signed by the four band members.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

On the Ground

Day one at the NY Comic Con, and from first looks, the show is actually smaller than last year (sharing the Javits with another show) but there seems to actually be more people. That could be a bad mix.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Night Before Nerd Christmas

This year, the New York Comic Con is a four-day affair, starting tomorrow with press day. I have a few fun interviews lined up, and stuff always pops up, so make sure to check back for updates.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Costume of the Show

OK...not the most stylish costume, but look close at that thing on his chest (and yes, I am assuming it's a guy.) As he gets closer, you see it slide out, revealing a drawer...with a lollipop. Genius (though I didn't eat the candy. I'm not crazy.)

Pics from I-Con XXX

Checking in from I-CON

It's that time of year, when sci-fi, anime and fantasy fans head East to gather at I-CON, the big Long Island cosplay and gaming hot spot, celebrating its 30th year. Spread out across the campus of SUNY Stony Brook, it draws a pretty wide swath of fans (as evidenced by the massive line to check in three hours after it opened) thanks to a rather diverse line-up of seminars, celebrities and silliness.
Best overheards so far: "Why did you wear that?" To a extremely underdressed and extremely cold young lady. And "Furries!" "We're not furries!" To, well, no need to really explain.