Friday, April 15, 2011

Costume of the Show

OK...not the most stylish costume, but look close at that thing on his chest (and yes, I am assuming it's a guy.) As he gets closer, you see it slide out, revealing a drawer...with a lollipop. Genius (though I didn't eat the candy. I'm not crazy.)

Pics from I-Con XXX

Checking in from I-CON

It's that time of year, when sci-fi, anime and fantasy fans head East to gather at I-CON, the big Long Island cosplay and gaming hot spot, celebrating its 30th year. Spread out across the campus of SUNY Stony Brook, it draws a pretty wide swath of fans (as evidenced by the massive line to check in three hours after it opened) thanks to a rather diverse line-up of seminars, celebrities and silliness.
Best overheards so far: "Why did you wear that?" To a extremely underdressed and extremely cold young lady. And "Furries!" "We're not furries!" To, well, no need to really explain.