Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bigger than Ever

The first year of this New York Comic-Con saw ticket sales shut off when the Fire Marshall decided the room was too overcrowded. If only he saw what was going on this weekend. Despite expanding to the entirety of the Javits Center and shutting off sales on Saturday, there were plenty of areas that were simply jam-packed, to the point where I may have accidentally impregnated three delightful anime characters. The talk around the building (official word on attendance has not yet been spoken) put the number around the magic 100,000 visitor mark, which would not surprise anyone caught in the maelstrom of the anime Artists Alley or the joyful dancing around the Michael Jackson: The Experience display. That would put them about 40,000 shy of the San Diego ComicCon, but lord knows you wouldn't want to even approach those numbers in the Javits. Even so, just five years in, it's amazing to see what the NYCC has become.

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  1. Yeah, this was the biggest con I've ever been to. (I've never been to the San Diego Con.) And the first one I've seen that used up ALL of the Javits Center. I remember going to comic conventions in the early to mid 90s at the Javits that used up a tiny fraction of the space. And they were devoted almost entirely to...y'know, comic books? They were more fun, too. I took my daughter with me to those. She later took up cosplaying but went to San Diego to do that (without me).

    I didn't like that they merged NY Anime Fest with NYCC. Anime just got submerged, overwhelmed by everything else. I prefer the anime fest by itself.